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Achievements’ Lists :

===Female Beauty Contests

1997: Ski Jam—Semi-Queen
1999: Miss Asia-Pacific (Miss Photogenic)
1999: Miss International Finalists (Western-Japan Representative)
2000: Miss Japan Finalists (Kansai Representative)
2000: Miss Suzuka Circuits Grand-Prix (Top Queen)
2000: Miss Pearl Princess (Western-Japan Representative)
2000: All-Japan Miss Kimono Queen (Osaka Representative)
2001: Miss New Caledonia Grand-Prix

==Sports Champs
1996: International Karate Championship ---2nd Place in High School Kata Division
2001: International Karate Championship (Shito-Ryu)
                                                                          ---3rd Place in Adult Kata Division


==Academic Contests' Awards

**All Japan High School English Essay Contest (Best 10)

**English Speech Contest

     (USA Chicago Mayor's Award)

     (Osaka City Mayor's Award)

**US-Japan Essay Contest (Best 3)

===Media (TV) Appearances
+ TOYOTA =Drive Your DREAMS=
                                           ===  CM (Monami Hayashi)uploaded up here !
+ Get-O1 (MBS)
+ Ikarosu No Tsubasa (Nihon TV)
+ Sports Amigo (Kansai TV) as an assistant cast
+ Music Count Down (Osaka TV) as an assistant cast
+ Saturday Mid-Day (Yomiuri TV)
+ FM Radio DJ (Shiga FM)

+ All Japan Kids Beauty Contest (MC)
                                                                                         and more...

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